Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodbye 2009

With this being my last day in the Atl I am about to go in on this POEM OF THIS SEMESTER/YEAR, HOPE YOU LIKE.

The year started with Love and Sex in the air.
giving the new president a two thumbs up
knowing that my future was to be with you
i started my journey to that point
you took my hand and we went together.
like children we played
we shared stories
we experimented
only to find ourselves alone again
on two different sides of the road
the car breaking down
not letting us go any further.
i jumped out
you walked away
i caught the bus
you went on to the future
i stayed picking up pieces.
The year continued and i went from bed to bed
trying to fit a certain piece into my broken heart
nothing able to fit i continued and continued
until God filled that spot yet again.
i spent the summer finding myself
money less and friend less
trying to find food
like the homeless on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
asking the same people day in day out
for just a little
and the person who i least expected stepped in.
i went into my passion
asking God to guide me
I was uplifted
and took things over
all through God
the twinkle in my eye from God
my work is present today
I began a journey that baggage had to be let go
dropped in the side trash
not able to take with me
i began a transformation
like a autobot i did it all
now God has settled me in this place i call love
comfort, passion, intense listening
and i bow my head
i give my all and say thank you
God is all he has
protected me
he has loved me
he has put people in and took people away.
for my Great Grandma, i love you and miss you
coming home this year
i will miss you so much
as the tear falls
Great Grandma i love you and hope i all i see you soon.
Love is a hard thing to handle
live your life up
and live to the best
As i say goodbye to 2009
2010 seems to be the year i give my all and take nothing back

To friends and Family that may read this.... Thank You for standing by me.... I love you and this is my goodbye to 2009.

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