Friday, December 11, 2009


In Love you do over and beyond!
you give your mind, body, spirit!
you turn the other cheek;
you hold your feeling for others,
behind the door.
With love,
you become different,
you turn totally upside down.
Loving the game,
you smile,
you frown.
If love existed,
could you turn a key
and find it?
Could you flip a rock
and it jumps on you?
I realized that first fact of love
is the fact you give them attention.
My puppy, Lady,
I loved her!
Gave her more attention than i did my work.
she had my heart!
she is gone now!
Like the breeze of wind
traveling to another persons lungs
breathing in and out.
Is love like the sun
coming up and down,
blocked by others,
covered by tears from the sky?
What is love?
What is our love?
Unconditional like God
or favorable by the time and week.
What is LOVE?

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