Sunday, December 20, 2009


The other day I was watching my baby cousin as she walked around the house. One thing she did was fall. She looked around to see what was there to grab on. Another thing I noticed is every time she falls I ran to her to make sure she was ok. My mind didn't process this till a day later. But have you noticed as a christian we fall.

We look around for someone or something to help us get back on our feet. We never realize that God is sitting there waiting for us to ask for his help. We look around and find ourselves alone and decided to give up. Turn our back on God. When we just really need to just have faith that we can get up on our own.

When I ran to her side I run just like God does to us. Haven't you noticed God comes and pulls you up when you can't seem to understand why you fell. Dusting you off and saying go ahead.

The last thing I noticed is how when I feed her she didn't eat everything. God feeds us but we sometimes refuse to eat Because we believe its not good for us. In all it is one of the best things for us to get a message from God. We tend to throw up the word or scripture that call prevent us from doing wrong.

In all God just wants us to understand that the fall isn't the bad part. It the fact we tend to stay down longer than needed. We tend to not realize that he runs to our side to protect us and cover us. He feeds us so we don't make mistakes that are preventable.

So I pray this. May God show you the road. May God cover your dreams. Cover your walk. May he send out warrior angels to fight the things that block your path. Enlarge your growth by far and near. In Jesus name, Amen!

Friday, December 11, 2009


In Love you do over and beyond!
you give your mind, body, spirit!
you turn the other cheek;
you hold your feeling for others,
behind the door.
With love,
you become different,
you turn totally upside down.
Loving the game,
you smile,
you frown.
If love existed,
could you turn a key
and find it?
Could you flip a rock
and it jumps on you?
I realized that first fact of love
is the fact you give them attention.
My puppy, Lady,
I loved her!
Gave her more attention than i did my work.
she had my heart!
she is gone now!
Like the breeze of wind
traveling to another persons lungs
breathing in and out.
Is love like the sun
coming up and down,
blocked by others,
covered by tears from the sky?
What is love?
What is our love?
Unconditional like God
or favorable by the time and week.
What is LOVE?

Goodbye 2009

With this being my last day in the Atl I am about to go in on this POEM OF THIS SEMESTER/YEAR, HOPE YOU LIKE.

The year started with Love and Sex in the air.
giving the new president a two thumbs up
knowing that my future was to be with you
i started my journey to that point
you took my hand and we went together.
like children we played
we shared stories
we experimented
only to find ourselves alone again
on two different sides of the road
the car breaking down
not letting us go any further.
i jumped out
you walked away
i caught the bus
you went on to the future
i stayed picking up pieces.
The year continued and i went from bed to bed
trying to fit a certain piece into my broken heart
nothing able to fit i continued and continued
until God filled that spot yet again.
i spent the summer finding myself
money less and friend less
trying to find food
like the homeless on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
asking the same people day in day out
for just a little
and the person who i least expected stepped in.
i went into my passion
asking God to guide me
I was uplifted
and took things over
all through God
the twinkle in my eye from God
my work is present today
I began a journey that baggage had to be let go
dropped in the side trash
not able to take with me
i began a transformation
like a autobot i did it all
now God has settled me in this place i call love
comfort, passion, intense listening
and i bow my head
i give my all and say thank you
God is all he has
protected me
he has loved me
he has put people in and took people away.
for my Great Grandma, i love you and miss you
coming home this year
i will miss you so much
as the tear falls
Great Grandma i love you and hope i all i see you soon.
Love is a hard thing to handle
live your life up
and live to the best
As i say goodbye to 2009
2010 seems to be the year i give my all and take nothing back

To friends and Family that may read this.... Thank You for standing by me.... I love you and this is my goodbye to 2009.

Ice Fall

With all these feelings
with all these heartaches
i see you
standing in the rain
asking how do you stay dry?
how do you wait for me?
how do you love someone like me?
I ask the familiar question
can you stand the rain?
i dance on by and say things to get you touch
is it you i am to love
or is it the passing by
as the car drives by
i look in the rearview
remembering that it is past
not heading to the future
are you my all
are you the break of the ice
being my comfort
being my warmth
being my conversation keeper
what are you to be me
this is the ice fall
from my heart!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hidden Belief

When you look into the eyes of the beloved
you see the hurt
you see the pain
yet you don't understand the true pain
for you see the outside
you see what they portrait
holding a mask is there best job
being a gift giver and not the gift
you cling
asking for more
when he above is wondering when you are coming to him
is this the pain
that they said you will endure
is this the struggle
each human must face
with the changing seasons I break a tear
for you and I are departed
and I must take my step higher
this is my Goodbye
my farwell to the tears of the past
and my smile to the new sunshine

Monday, October 26, 2009

Please Excuse Me

Excuse me! Excuse me!
Is It just me or is my path blocked
Blocked with the haters
The Distractions
The Falls
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Can you not pull me down
Can you uplift me
Can you spare me your time
Can you give me a breathe
Excuse me! Excuse me!
What have I done to you
Did you wrong
Have I left you
Am I different
PLease Excuse me!
As I take the place God has given me
Excuse me for not waiting
Excuse me for taking the narrow path
Excuse me for wanting something different
Excuse me if I never said I love you
Excuse me if I never cooked for you
Please Excuse me!
If I walk with my head high
Please Excuse me!
Because I parents taught me manors
Please Excuse me!
Because I wont change for you
Please Excuse me!
For Using the voice God gave me
Please Excuse me!
If I strive for the best and nothing less
I'm Sure you say No No Excuse me!
So If so
Thank you!
For God has knocked at the door
But I showed up instead of him
Busting it wide open
And waving for others to follow
Please Excuse me!
If my crew has a dream
Please Excuse me!
Cause I have EXCUSED YOU!

If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk
They would tell my love for music
They would tell of my anger
and the fighting
If these walls could talk
They would tell it all
Could they speak of my struggle
Could they say I am grateful
Could they say I praise him
Could they say I remember Home
If these walls could talk
Would they bring out my past
Make me cry
Make me stand still in time
If These walls could talk
Would it say You have sinned
How could you be Child of God
If these walls could talk
Could it hand me the judgement I hand myself
If these walls could talk
Would it say the Things to hurt me
If these walls could talk
What would they say
For if could God spoke through the Walls
What would he say
For the walls are like God
Always there
Yet Quite
Resentful, in the deepest moment
If God Spoke
What would he say
Would he comment on the Walls
For If these walls could talk
I wonder
Would anything beautiful come from it
The Tears running down the sides
The Visions of past Sins
The Oh so many defeats I stand with
If these walls could talk What would they say

May I Take You Back

May I Take you Back
Back to the time when we could dream
When we would sit on the phone
when we would watch movies
When we would speak lovely things
May I take you back
to when we would ask to go out on a date
To when I never was afraid of my boys
Talking about my hand touching yours
May I Take you Back
To when I loved being around you twenty four seven
Cause of the things you made my mind do
May I Take you Back
To when I took my vow
To Never have sex
to respect each lady
May I take you back
To Prom Night
Seeing your smile
May I Take you Back
To the first night I cooked for you
May I take you back
To when I Gave you good feelings
To When you got everything you ever wanted
to My Family loving you and yours me
May I take you back to the first kiss
On the beach sunlight
With everyone watching
May I take you back
To One in Million By Aaliyah
To Four Page Letter By Aaliyah
May I Take you back
To the Movie nights
Laughing and tickling
Since it is in the past
I have to forget
I love to write about this
Yet May I take you back
Makes me wish
Wish of the things that may come
SO May the things that took you back take you forward
Make a WIsh
SO that this is our
Take back poem.....

The Thing about you

The Thing About You
Is You Came back
When You weren't suppose too
You Came to my door
saying I am the only one you want
I am the only one that you can love
The Thing about you
Is that you Have so much I don't deserve
I should be going back to my ways
The thing about you
is that you are the only thing I want
Not the game
Not the Fame
Baby I just want you
With all the things from the past
How may I want my way
When the thing about you
Is you are so important to me
I think the word Love isn't big enough
How May I talk to an angel
When the angel runs away
I just want to feel the glow from heaven
You bring into the room
How May I say
Hello to you
In a room full of dudes
Wanting the wrong thing
All I want is the one
WHo is the only one for me
How may I say
Regardless the distance
I will take cloud nine
to reach the mountain which you stand
How may I Say
My faults are the cracks
That make the earth shake
I have regrets
But here I stand
With my faults
I want to get it right
How may I say
Love is spread like butter
to thin or to much
No matter how long it takes to say my feelings
I will forever be yours
How may things go
I never can say
I stand behind you with my love
and your grace
Cause Here I stand
With the thing about you
is how you come back around
The Thing about you
I have to say is my will to hear you
The thing about you
Is I will forever be yours

All That To Me

I cry because he blessed me
I praise cause he kept me
I speak his name cause he birthed me
Why do you praise!
God has done so much
I can't find a way
to say thank you
without tearing
his mercy has me here
I have to kneel down
I have to give him all
God you been here
You been there
Not a leaf or wind blow
You been around for the long haul
I just am grateful
I say thank you
I cry for your grace
I say basically in all sins
you never turned away
Changed my heart
Changed my mind
Changed my personality
I call you alpha
I call you omega
I call you Holy
I call you my everything
God I praise you
And I say thank You
I cry because God Has never left me
I praise him
I say Hallelujah
I say You are awesome
and God I hope you enlarge
Everyone of my friends territory
Bless them beyond measure
God you are all that to me and more
Thank You!