Sunday, December 20, 2009


The other day I was watching my baby cousin as she walked around the house. One thing she did was fall. She looked around to see what was there to grab on. Another thing I noticed is every time she falls I ran to her to make sure she was ok. My mind didn't process this till a day later. But have you noticed as a christian we fall.

We look around for someone or something to help us get back on our feet. We never realize that God is sitting there waiting for us to ask for his help. We look around and find ourselves alone and decided to give up. Turn our back on God. When we just really need to just have faith that we can get up on our own.

When I ran to her side I run just like God does to us. Haven't you noticed God comes and pulls you up when you can't seem to understand why you fell. Dusting you off and saying go ahead.

The last thing I noticed is how when I feed her she didn't eat everything. God feeds us but we sometimes refuse to eat Because we believe its not good for us. In all it is one of the best things for us to get a message from God. We tend to throw up the word or scripture that call prevent us from doing wrong.

In all God just wants us to understand that the fall isn't the bad part. It the fact we tend to stay down longer than needed. We tend to not realize that he runs to our side to protect us and cover us. He feeds us so we don't make mistakes that are preventable.

So I pray this. May God show you the road. May God cover your dreams. Cover your walk. May he send out warrior angels to fight the things that block your path. Enlarge your growth by far and near. In Jesus name, Amen!

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