Monday, October 26, 2009

The Thing about you

The Thing About You
Is You Came back
When You weren't suppose too
You Came to my door
saying I am the only one you want
I am the only one that you can love
The Thing about you
Is that you Have so much I don't deserve
I should be going back to my ways
The thing about you
is that you are the only thing I want
Not the game
Not the Fame
Baby I just want you
With all the things from the past
How may I want my way
When the thing about you
Is you are so important to me
I think the word Love isn't big enough
How May I talk to an angel
When the angel runs away
I just want to feel the glow from heaven
You bring into the room
How May I say
Hello to you
In a room full of dudes
Wanting the wrong thing
All I want is the one
WHo is the only one for me
How may I say
Regardless the distance
I will take cloud nine
to reach the mountain which you stand
How may I Say
My faults are the cracks
That make the earth shake
I have regrets
But here I stand
With my faults
I want to get it right
How may I say
Love is spread like butter
to thin or to much
No matter how long it takes to say my feelings
I will forever be yours
How may things go
I never can say
I stand behind you with my love
and your grace
Cause Here I stand
With the thing about you
is how you come back around
The Thing about you
I have to say is my will to hear you
The thing about you
Is I will forever be yours

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