Monday, October 26, 2009

All That To Me

I cry because he blessed me
I praise cause he kept me
I speak his name cause he birthed me
Why do you praise!
God has done so much
I can't find a way
to say thank you
without tearing
his mercy has me here
I have to kneel down
I have to give him all
God you been here
You been there
Not a leaf or wind blow
You been around for the long haul
I just am grateful
I say thank you
I cry for your grace
I say basically in all sins
you never turned away
Changed my heart
Changed my mind
Changed my personality
I call you alpha
I call you omega
I call you Holy
I call you my everything
God I praise you
And I say thank You
I cry because God Has never left me
I praise him
I say Hallelujah
I say You are awesome
and God I hope you enlarge
Everyone of my friends territory
Bless them beyond measure
God you are all that to me and more
Thank You!

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