Monday, October 26, 2009

I Want

i wanted to tell you so much
i wanted to give you all
but you choose others
you went right when i went left
i wanted you to be the right one
i wanted you to be my queen
yet you choose the other way
i want to take you to the moon
i want to be the first and last phone call
i want you in the arms
i want to not have sex till i put the ring on it
you are the love
you are the air
you are my smile
you keep my dreams full
i listen to love songs
when you are not here
just to keep you in mind
staying up late to keep your vision in my eyes
broken promises are re filled
and in your tears
i come to wipe them
and put a smile on your face
cause i love you
I want to tell you
I don't want to lose you
my dream
my love
my heart

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