Monday, October 26, 2009

Standing STill

I stand in the road
trying to find a ride
to the next destination
hoping to catch a glismp
of what i thought was beauty
turning left and right
only to realize its a one way street
looking back i want to go in reverse
but the laws say forward progress
I stand in the road
dazzed by what my brother call lust
I imaged having just a piece of your crust
in all i breathe long and hard
seeing you walk the long way
can someone remove me from me pain
knowing that you are acting
to show the crack in my armor
Talking about nothing
we sat on the phone
I stand to realize you have changed
while i stayed the same
candle light dinners
cooking over a stove
massages of the feet
I stand still
you knowing alot
me knowing alot
i turn
to see i have nothing
car on E
plane can't take off
feet stuck in quick sand
I stand knowing we are done
and i say goodbye
but stand waiting for love
standing still

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